How It Works

1. We Find Homeowners & Businesses Needing Concrete Work Done

We’re the experts in online marketing, so you don’t have to be. Through a vast network of paid advertising, landing pages, videos and more, homeowners come to us looking for local concrete contractors. We first qualify and ask some detailed questions to see what exactly they need done. This information is then sent to you in real time via phone calls and email. These leads are exclusive to you only and never shared with other contractors! This enables you to instantly connect with the homeowner so that you can win the job.

2. Quotes or More Information is Requested

Through our digital assets, interested people call you directly (through our tracking phone number) or fill out a form to request an estimate. These are high-intent leads who have provided detailed information, and taken multiple actions to request a quote from you. We never talk to or correspond with these potential leads. They are sent directly and immediately to you in real time.

3. We Deliver Calls/Leads To You

Calls are delivered directly to your through our tracking system
Once the interested person submits a form, we send you their info in real time. You contact the homeowner, and take the transaction from there.


Getting Started Is Easy!

contact us to get more leads sent to your concrete business Simply click here to Contact Us. Fill out the short form and we’ll be in contact with you within 24 hours.